Barking Dogs Automata LLC
7623 W. Highway 42
Goshen, KY 40026
(502) 475-9009

Barking Dogs Automata LLC
Attn: Dan Torpey

For information, call: (502) 475-9009

Barking Dogs Automata LLC – was formed in 2001 after Dan found paper automata while perusing the internet. (He has previously created origami folds & designs, as well as hand-sewn, embossed wallpaper quilts). These moveable creations sparked his interest and began his journey to becoming one of the handful of artisans in the United States who make automata.
Dan Torpey’s comments
     “I have always been fascinated by how things move. As a
child growing up in the neighborhood of Crescent Hill in
Louisville, KY. I would stand transfixed in front of
storefronts decorated with mechanical manikins or figures
for the holidays.
      I enjoy every aspect of making automata: from sketching
the ideas, to finding the right mechanism to make each
piece move the way I conceptualize. Once I cut the
wooden figures, it takes me hours of experimentation to
find the perfect movement in the cams & levers. I feel like a
proud parent every time I successfully create a new
automata! I feel even more satisfied and fulfilled when I see
people crank my creations and laugh as a result!”
Our studio has been located in the Highlands for 5 years. We are proud to announce we now have a working studio near Dan’s childhood neighborhood in Crescent Hill! It is located on the second floor of Blayney Spot 5 Art Studio, near the corner of So. Ewing and Frankfort Avenue.
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