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Torpey Art Quilts

Here Kinetic Artists from around the world can market their art, exchange ideas, learn about exhibits, commissions and contests and meet with Galleries, Museums, Collectors, Architectural and Interior Design Firms, Auction Houses, the Press and others that are interested in their work.
My site on Art Quilts made from
English embossed paper. Biographical  history of my art through pictures.
Automata, automata kits, projects and exhibitions by Keith Newstead.
Keith Newstead
David Archer presents us with the results of his latest foray into the world of the automata. His glitzy fabrications see art and mechanics combine to animate the inanimate. 
David Archer 
Japanese automata by Minoru Takahashi. Many of his work are in window displays. Very nice work.
Toy Art
The Fourteen Balls Toy Co. began in June 1986 and has been making automata ever since. The company consists of Paul Spooner who designs the majority of the automata , Matt  Smith who co designs and produces all the models and Sarah Smith ( Matt's wife ) who has been doing the bulk of the painting for the past few years.
The Fourteen Balls 

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Paper automata (including Bush and Berlusconi) and models by Giuseppe (Pino) Civitarese.
Giuseppe (Pino) Civitarese
Automates Anciens
by T.I.L. Productions: Creation and manufacture of automata, androids and musical boxes and production of videofilms about the subject.
A Singapore based site with fascinating moving paper model and automata kits that can be downloaded and build. Future models by CeraCera will focus more on Asian and Oriental design to show the lifestyle, history and culture of Asia through our paper automata models. 
Wonderful automata by Al Cain.
Rob Ives's Flying Pig is a dispensary of whimsical and colorful cardboard-cutout automata. Online catalog, ordering, forum, animations, and more.
Carlos Zapata site of wonderfully painted automata.
Steve enjoys the challenge of incorporating Time into his work. Along with the mechanics, he intend to use wit, whimsicality, and maybe a little sarcasm, to comment on our foibles, and the frequent insanity of life.
Rob Addams pages offer a wonderfully done introduction into the art of automata. He has written two books on the subject well worth reading.

Al Cain
Flying Pig
Carlos Zapata 
Steve Stackpole
Hanns-Martin Wagner
Rolling ball sculpture.
Windup Automata and electronically controlled Automata which combine traditional mechanics with todays technology.
Original handmade wooden automata by Dug North. " It cannot hurt to have some things around that represent simple, laudable human qualities such as ingenuity, beauty, and humor".
Walter Ruffler's wonderful
paper automata.
Marc Horovitz's automata and trains.
Articulated Artwork designed by Tom Haney. Automata operated by keys, cranks, weights or wind-up motors.
O-Kan wooden mechanisms. Many wonderful automata and nonautomata pieces. Some are very complexed.
Hitchcock's of Bath. A web site and sometime gallery, showing British mechanical toys, German folk toys, cut-outs and hand-made wooden toys for children. A selection from the famous gallery once situated in the Roman city of Bath.
Mouse Works is a collection and gallery of handmade wooden automata by Jim and Juta McCord.
World Upside Down
World Upside Down
Your source for unique mechanical cards and automata. Surrender to the power of paper!
Tom Lloyd's Sumos move with the rhythm of life. Dancing, cooking and taking care of Little Sumo.
Tom's Worksite
Hitchcock's of Bath
Mouse Works
Dug North
Meder & Chomick
Rolling Ball Sculpture
Walter Ruffler
Marc Horovitz
Articulated Artwork 
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Here you'll find a range of amazing paper models to build a whole world of improbable automata!
Timberkits US
Now, you can buy Timberkits in the USA.
Japanese automata artist Kazu Harada.
Sophie Naylor
Sophie is an Illustrator and automata maker.
A different slant on the world of classic automata.