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Crank It Up
Dan Torpey has been fascinated by automata and hand-cranked toys since childhood. Now he crafts his own—whimsical folk-art pieces that tell little stories when you turn their handles. Read Article
Mixed Media looks at world of sculpture
from many angles
Mixed Media, KET's weekly Kentucky arts showcase, this week dives into the varied world of sculpture--large and small, functional and playful, past and present. Read Article
Toys Designed by Artist: Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock AR
1999 Purchase Award, 2000, 2001

Playing Around: Toys Designed by Artists. Traveling Show 2003-04
San Antonio, TX, West Bend, WI, Houston, TX, Odessa, TX, Camden, NJ, Salt Lake City, UT Moraga, CA, Monroe, LA, Longmont, CO, Doylestown, PA, Del Rio, TX, Springfield, MO Battle Creek, MI.

Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation, Louisville, KY
Hoopla: Kentuckiana and All that Noise Sept.6- Oct. 7, 2001
Holidazzle: A Winter Wonderland Nov. 8- Dec. 29, 2001
Kentucky Folk Art March 14- June 1, 2002

The Kentucky Craft Market, Louisville, KY-- 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006
Ann Arbor Art Fair, Ann Arbor, Michigan 2005

Ursuline Art Fair: Louisville, KY 3rd Best in Show, 2002
Holiday Art Fair: Louisville, KY Honorable Mention, 2002
Cherokee Triangle Art Fair: Louisville, KY

Woodworking Class on automata at The Kentucky School of Craft: Hindman, KY 2003

“The Crafts Report”: Sept. 2003 Insight
“Arts Across Kentucky” Aug. 2000 Artist Profile

“Mixed Media”- KET Louisville, KY, 2003
WHAS 11 Louisville, KY “Off the Beaten Path”, 2002
Mainstreet WKYU Bowling Green, KY “ Pleasurable Pieces”, 2001
“Fox in the Morning”- WLKY 41, 2000
WHAS 11 Morning Show- 2002, 2003

Kentucky Museum of Art + Craft, Louisville, KY
Sister Dragonfly, Louisville, KY
Edenside Gallery, Louisville, KY
Taste of Kentucky, Louisville, KY
Equestrian Gifts, Louisville, KY
True Kentucky, Glendale, KY
Bebe’s Artisan, Paducah, KY
The Sky Gallery – Louisville, KY
Work the Metal – Louisville, KY
Appalachian Fireside Gallery, Berea, KY
Gourd Patch Gallery, Cynthiana, KY
Seldom Seen Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Artist Market, Norwalk, CT
Sun Oak Gallery, English, IN
Mind’s Eye Gallery, St. Michaels, MD
The Flying Pig, LLC, Algoma, WI
Bella Cosa Gallery, Claremont, CA
Bluestem Crafts Missouri, Columbia, Mo
New Morning Gallery, Asheville, N.C.
The Workshops of David T. Smith, Naples, FL
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